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Argumentum Ad Baculum

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Argumentum Ad Baculum

Argumentum Ad Baculum is a type of logical fallacy where one person tries to persuade another by using fear or threats. It is a way of convincing someone to agree with an opinion without using facts or evidence. For example, if someone says, If you don't agree with me, I'll be really mad, they are using Argumentum Ad Baculum. This type of persuasion is not logical because it relies on fear, not facts.

Argumentum Ad Baculum, Cognitive Biases, Logical Fallacies, Persuasion.

Thomas Lee

Argumentum Ad Baculum

Argumentum Ad Baculum, also known as the 'Appeal to Force' or 'Appeal to Fear', is a cognitive bias and logical fallacy which occurs when a person attempts to win an argument or persuade someone by using the threat of force or punishment. This type of argument is often used as an intimidation tactic to discourage dissent or opposition, and is ineffective and unethical as a persuasive strategy. The fallacy is based on the false idea that an argument should be accepted because the consequences of not doing so are too severe. The use of this fallacy can lead to a false conclusion being accepted as true, as the person making the argument does not need to provide any logical evidence or supporting facts in order to win the argument.

Argumentum Ad Baculum, Intimidation, Coercion, Fearmongering.

Jessica Adams

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