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Appeal To The People

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Appeal To The People

Appeal To The People is a way of convincing someone to believe something that is not necessarily true. It involves using emotions, stories, and other persuasive techniques to try and get someone to agree with a statement. For example, a politician might tell a story of a family who was affected by a policy and then use this story to try to convince people to vote for them. This type of logical fallacy relies on the assumption that people will be more likely to agree with something if it is presented in an emotional way.

Persuasion, Emotional Manipulation, Cognitive Biases.

Thomas Lee

Appeal To The People

Appeal to the people is a cognitive bias and logical fallacy that occurs when an argument is made that is based on the emotions of the people instead of facts and reason. This type of reasoning is often seen in politics and marketing, where a speaker will try to evoke emotion from the audience in order to persuade them to think or act a certain way. In many cases, the speaker will not provide any evidence to back up their claims, but will instead rely on the audience's emotions to validate their argument. This type of argumentation can be dangerous because it can lead to decisions being made without any sound evidence or logical thought. Appeal to the people can also be used to manipulate people into making decisions that are not in their best interests.

Appeal to emotion, bandwagon effect, personal opinion, logical fallacy.

Jessica Adams

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