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Appeal To The Majority

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Appeal To The Majority

Appeal To The Majority is a way of trying to win an argument by appealing to the opinion of the majority of people. It is a cognitive bias because it assumes that the opinion of the majority is always right. It is also a logical fallacy because it does not consider the facts or evidence to make a decision, but instead relies on the opinion of the majority. This can lead to poor decisions being made without considering all of the facts.

Appeal To The Majority, Majority Opinion, Majority Bias.

Thomas Lee

Appeal To The Majority

Appeal to the majority is a logical fallacy in which a premise is accepted as true or valid solely because many people believe it to be true. This is a form of argumentative persuasion that relies on the notion that if many people believe something to be true, then it must be true. This fallacy is often used in political campaigns and in marketing, as its persuasive nature can be effective in swaying opinions. This bias can be particularly damaging if it results in people making decisions without sufficient evidence or analysis. People can become entrenched in their beliefs without examining the facts, leading to decisions that may not be in their best interests.

Logic, popular opinion, majority rule, consensus, prejudice, bandwagon, herd mentality, groupthink.

Jessica Adams

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