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Appeal To Widespread Belief

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Appeal To Widespread Belief

Appeal To Widespread Belief is when someone uses a widely accepted belief or opinion to try and back up their own opinion. For example, if someone says everyone believes the sky is blue and that is why you should believe it too, that is an Appeal To Widespread Belief. This is a kind of cognitive bias because people are using something that is believed by many, but not necessarily true, to try and support their own ideas. It is also a logical fallacy because it doesn't make sense to believe something just because a lot of people believe it.

Appeal To Widespread Belief, Cognitive Bias, Logical Fallacy, Popular Opinion

Thomas Lee

Appeal To Widespread Belief

Appeal To Widespread Belief is a cognitive bias in which an individual adheres to a belief because it is held by the majority of people in their respective society. This bias is often used to strengthen an argument or to influence a decision. The appeal to widespread belief is related to the Bandwagon Effect, which is the psychological phenomenon in which individuals adopt the same beliefs or behaviors due to the perception that others are doing so. This cognitive bias is often used to justify a decision or opinion and can lead to faulty or illogical reasoning. It is important to recognize this bias as it can lead to poor decision making and a distorted view of reality.

Groupthink, Conformity, Social Pressure, Popular Opinion.

Jessica Adams

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