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Argumentum Ad Antiquitatem

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Argumentum Ad Antiquitatem

Argumentum Ad Antiquitatem is a cognitive bias and logical fallacy where people rely on the fact that something is old or has been in use for a long time as a way of believing it is true. This means that people may think something is true or valid just because it has existed for a long time and not because it has been proven to be true. For example, an 8 year old may think that a certain type of clothing is fashionable simply because it has been around for a while, not because it is actually fashionable.

Tradition, Historical Precedent, Time Tested, Age-Old.

Thomas Lee

Argumentum Ad Antiquitatem

Argumentum Ad Antiquitatem, or Appeal to Tradition, is a logical fallacy that occurs when an argument is made based on the assumption that something is correct simply because it has been done for a long time. This type of reasoning is often used to defend cultural traditions, but is illogical since it does not take into account any evidence or changing circumstances. This fallacy can be used to reject new ideas or solutions, and can prevent progress or understanding since it relies on the idea that the past is inherently better. It is important to note that when this fallacy is used, the past is being used as evidence to support the argument, rather than to provide an understanding of the issue at hand. This can lead to false conclusions and an incomplete understanding of the situation.

Argumentum Ad Antiquitatem, Tradition, Fallacy, Cognitive Bias.

Jessica Adams

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