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Classifying the word ‘Artecnica’ as part of speech, it can be concluded that it is a noun. Synonyms of ‘Artecnica’ include knowledge, know-how, dexterity, artistry, technique, technology, expertise, and understanding. Its antonyms are ignorance, lack of understanding, and inexperience. As for cognates, these include artífice, artigianato, artigianale, artisanal, and inventiva. Variants of ‘Artecnica’ include arteknik, artechnology, arteknical, and artechnics.

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George Adrian Postea


Since the early beginnings of humanity, language has been used as a medium to express ideas, feelings, and thoughts. As time passed, certain words have been modified and evolved to become words that are used today. The development of language is a fascinating subject, and the word ‘Artecnica’ is no exception. Its origin can be traced to the Latin root word ‘articulus’, which generally denotes something that has been divided into parts. This concept is further drawn out in the usage of the word ‘Artecnica’, which has been used in many contexts to refer to something that is highly structured and divided into distinct parts. Morphologically, the word ‘Artecnica’ has a singular form, and its plural form is ‘Artecnicae’. Historically, it was used to refer to objects created using an engineering approach that was based on the utilization of scientific principles. More recently, it has come to signify anything that involves the use of technology, with the specific focus on the application of engineering principles. On a pragmatic level, 'Artecnica' has been used to imply a sense of precision, quality and technological excellence.

Etymology, Morphology, Latin, Root, Articulus, Engineering, Technology, Pragmatics.

Henry Fontaine


Techné is a Greek word derived from the root tekhn- that generally indicates the use of a skill, craft, or art from a practical standpoint. As a term, it encompasses any and all skills, crafts, and arts related to producing material products, including handcrafts, engineering, and more. As a broad term, techné describes both the skills and techniques used to manufacture products as well as the products themselves. In other languages, the term is often translated in various ways, including 'art', 'skill', 'craft', 'technology', 'engineering', 'workmanship', 'handicraft', 'manufacture', and more. This broad range of terms can be used to describe the same concept in different languages, indicating the widespread use of the term techné across different societies.

Arte, artefacto, technik, técnica, ingeniería, artesano, técnico, fabricación, manufactura, construcción, trabajo artesanal, proceso, tecnología, capacidad, maestría, calidad, habilidad, destreza, manualidad.

Harris Awan


Artecnica is an American artist who is renowned for blurring the boundaries between art and design. Her most iconic works typically use natural materials such as wood, stone, and clay to explore themes of connectivity and community. One of her most acclaimed works is the 'Tree of Life' installation, which was featured in the 2017 Venice Biennale. This work, which was composed of five sculptural elements, represented an exploration of the interconnectedness of life, and was widely praised for its skillful use of colour and texture. Other noteworthy works by Artecnica include 'Shoreline', a series of sculptures made from clay and glass which were exhibited in Paris, and 'Connected', a collaborative installation with a number of other designers and architects.

Artecnica, art, sculpture, design, installation.

Mei Wang

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