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Alex Kveton

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Alex Kveton

Alex Kveton is an award-winning American artist best known for his large-scale abstract expressionist pieces. His diverse body of works are created with mixed media, often combining acrylic, oils, and collage elements to create colorful, distinctive pieces. Kveton's works have been featured in exhibit halls across the country and have been praised for their bold composition and highly textural surfaces. Notable works include Lunar Dawn (2019), a colorful and lively painting that was recognized in the 14th annual Abstract Art expo in Miami, Florida; Gray Sunday (2018), an immense textured painting revered for its powerful lines and raw emotion; and Flux (2016), a beautifully chaotic amalgamation of abstract shapes and textures that won the Silver Prize at the American Abstract Art Awards in Chicago.

Alex Kveton, abstract expressionism, mixed media, American artist, art awards.

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