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Anton Kannemeyer

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Anton Kannemeyer

Anton Kannemeyer is a South African comic artist and publisher, who is best known for his satirical work that covers themes such as race, politics, and gender. He is a highly influential contemporary figure and his works span various mediums, including painting, sculpture, digital media and print. His prints and paintings have been exhibited in multiple collaborations and solo exhibitions throughout South Africa and the Netherlands, receiving great amounts of critical acclaim. He is best known for the print series Alphabet of Democracy, in which he illustrated a satirical alphabet of South African society. He later went on to create the highly acclaimed work, The Adventures of Koos Kombuis, which is a comic series that is a parody of a South African superhero. The work was published in multiple langauges and also featured in an interactive online exhibition. Kannemeyer has also created a number of books that explore themes such as identity and race, including the graphic novel, Die Swart Gevaar.

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