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Auguste Adolphe Bertsch

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Auguste Adolphe Bertsch

Auguste Adolphe Bertsch was a French artist, who was born in February 1868 in Paris. He was an expert in lithography and was known for his work in the development of the Impressionist style of painting. His most renowned works include the portrait La Toilette, which was created between 1900 and 1902, and his realist painting, Le Coucher, which he completed in 1924. Bertsch was also renowned for his works in landscape painting, including his painting titled The Seine at Bougival, which was painted in 1896. He participated in many exhibitions throughout his career, making a name for himself in the art world as a leading Impressionist.

Auguste Adolphe Bertsch, French artist, Impressionism, lithography, La Toilette, Le Coucher, The Seine at Bougival.

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