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Aleksandr Rodchenko

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Aleksandr Rodchenko

Aleksandr Rodchenko was a Russian artist and constructivist architect who played a pivotal role in the development of modern art in the 20th century. He studied art at the Kazan School of Art from 1912-1914 and later attended the Stroganov Institute in Moscow, where he graduated in 1918, specializing in painting and graphic arts. He worked in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, and set design. His works were characterized by a strong emphasis on geometric forms, bold shapes and lines, and a bold sense of color, blending Russian avant garde art with cubist and constructivist elements. Among his most acclaimed works are his photomontages and paintings such as the 1921 work 'Supremus No. 58', a grid-like painting consisting of concentric circles and intersecting lines, and 'Head of a Peasant', a 1924 painting depicting the head of a Russian peasant in a cubist-constructivist style. Rodchenko also produced iconic photographs of Russia's cities and political leaders and created the first Russian film poster. His works are preserved in various museums around the world.

Aleksandr Rodchenko, Russian Artist, Constructivist, 20th Century, Photomontage, Supremus No. 58, Head of a Peasant.

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