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Anatoli Lvovich Kaplan

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Anatoli Lvovich Kaplan

Anatoli Lvovich Kaplan, the famous Russian artist, was born in Moscow in 1918. After graduating from the Moscow Art Institute, he began creating his own works and exhibiting them in galleries. He was a better known for his abstract expressionist paintings, which often featured bright colors, geometric shapes, and minimalist motifs drawn from the world of nature and the everyday life of Soviet citizens. One of his best known works is Vespers, which depicts a white dove flying over a cityscape of Moscow. He was also known for his mural works, which were executed in various public spaces throughout the city. Among his notable works are the mural at the Pushkin Museum, the mural at the Tretyakov Gallery, and the mural in the Moscow Metro. His artworks have also been featured in exhibitions in the United States and Europe, demonstrating his global recognition as an artist and thinker.

Anatoli Lvovich Kaplan, Russian Artist, Abstract Expressionist, Modern Art, Soviet Union, Murals.

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