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Alexei Jawlensky

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Alexei Jawlensky

Alexei Jawlensky was a Russian-born painter and graphic artist, who was an important figure in the German Expressionist movement. He was born in 1864 in Torzhok, Russia, and studied art in St. Petersburg before moving to Munich, Germany in 1896. Jawlensky's early works were influenced by the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist styles, but he later developed a unique style that was characterized by flattened forms, bold colors, and a spiritual content. Jawlensky was a member of the Blue Rider group, which was founded in 1911 by Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc. The group was dedicated to exploring new forms of artistic expression and rejecting the traditional academic style. Jawlensky's work was a major influence on the group, and he exhibited his work in several of their shows. One of Jawlensky's most famous series of works is the Mystical Heads, which he began in 1917. These paintings depict highly stylized, abstracted faces that are imbued with a sense of spirituality. Jawlensky believed that art had the power to convey spiritual truths, and he saw his work as a means of expressing his own spiritual beliefs. Jawlensky's later works were influenced by his interest in Theosophy, a spiritual movement that emphasizes the unity of all religions and the importance of spiritual development. He continued to paint until his death in 1941, leaving behind a legacy of innovative and spiritually-inspired works.

Alexei Jawlensky, German Expressionism, Blue Rider group, spiritual content, Mystical Heads, Theosophy

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Alexei Jawlensky

Alexei Jawlensky was a Russian-born painter and graphic artist who is credited with creating some of the most important works of twentieth-century German Expressionism. He was associated with the Der Blaue Reiter group of artists, and is particularly famous for his meditative, semi-abstract portraits. Some of his most famous works include his watercolour paintings The Red Priest (1912) and Portrait of the Artist's Wife Sophia (1914), as well as the oil painting series Heads of the Sister (1914-1915). Jawlensky's works are characterized by brilliant colour harmonies, flattened forms and a spiritual content.

Expressionism, Russia, Der Blaue Reiter, Color Theory, Mysticism.

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