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Alexandra Nikolaevna Jacobson

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Alexandra Nikolaevna Jacobson

Alexandra Nikolaevna Jacobson (1875–1942) was a Russian artist notable for her landscape and still-life paintings. Her art often featured rural scenes with a particular focus on Russian peasant life. She was a major contributor to the Mir Iskusstva (World of Art) movement, which sought to reinvigorate traditional Russian artistic practices in the modern era. Her works were often showcased at the World of Art exhibitions in St. Petersburg, and her painting The Harvest (1895) represented Russia at the Paris World's Fair of 1900. Other notable works by Jacobson include The Storm (1901) and The Return of the Herd (1907).

Alexandra Nikolaevna Jacobson, Russian artist, World of Art, Mir Iskusstva, The Harvest, The Storm, The Return of the Herd, Paris World's Fair, St. Petersburg.

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