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Antoli Pawlowitsch Belski

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Antoli Pawlowitsch Belski

Anton Pavlovich Belski was a renowned Russian artist and a master of landscape painting during the 19th century. He was born in 1811 in the village of Spas-Klepiki in Vyatka Governorate, and died in 1886 in the city of Moscow. He studied under the renowned painter and educator, Alexei Tarasov-Rodionov, with whom he traveled to Eastern Europe. Belski's artworks were mainly in the form of landscape paintings, which were often inspired by his extensive travels and visits to western Europe. His most notable works include 'View of the Kremlin from the Izmailovsky Garden', 'View of Moskva River near Sparrow Hills' and 'View of the Kremlin from the Bolshoi Theatre'.

Russian art, 19th century art, landscape painting, Anton Pavlovich Belski, Moscow.

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