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Anna Ostoya

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Anna Ostoya

Anna Ostoya is a renowned Polish artist born in 1982 in Krakow, Poland. She is a painter, sculptor, and photographer, and her works can be found in esteemed art galleries around the globe. Ostoya's works are a blend of genders, politics, and mythology as she often attempts to blur the boundaries between different spectrums of life. Her ongoing project called ‘Chimera’, explores the relationship between the physical and the psychological world. This series of works investigates what the distortion of fear does to the body and how it affects the psyche. Her work has been featured in the Museum Of Modern Art and the Tate Modern in London. Other noted works by Anna Ostoya include ‘Chain Reaction’, ‘A Mirror of Her Own’ and ‘Pygmalion's Silence’.

Anna Ostoya, Polish Artist, Chimera, Chain Reaction, A Mirror Of Her Own, Pygmalion's Silence.

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