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Adolf Edward Herstein

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Adolf Edward Herstein

Adolf Edward Herstein (1907-1998) was a Polish artist and printmaker known for his abstracted, poetic style of figurative painting. His works are characterized by bold, colourful palettes and semi-abstract forms. His distinctive style evolved over the years, adapting to new influences and often incorporating a mix of styles and materials. Herstein's most iconic works include the mural series City of Miracles, which presented a mythical 19th-century cityscape, and the print series Oasis, which explored the theme of eternal youth and discovery. His other notable works include the painting The Last Green Moment, which explored the idea of a lost paradise, and the mixed-media portrait of the artist, Nuit Blanche.

Adolf Edward Herstein, Polish artist, printmaker, abstract, figurative painting, City of Miracles, Oasis, The Last Green Moment, Nuit Blanche.

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