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Anna Sobol

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Anna Sobol

Anna Sobol is a Polish artist renowned for her exploration of the human condition through her diverse body of artwork. Born in 1988, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland in 2012 and quickly gained acclaim for her paintings and sculptures which blended constructivism and cubism-inspired aesthetics with religious iconography. Alongside her spirited works of art, Anna Sobol's unique use of materials, including clay, metal and glass, has earned her global recognition and multiple awards. Of her most renowned works, perhaps the most iconic is 'The Guardian of Faith', a sculptural installation in which Jesus appears to rise from the dead surrounded by his apostles. This powerful piece was a finalist for the renowned Chalon d'Or Award in 2019 and continues to inspire viewers around the world.

Anna Sobol, Polish Artist, sculptural installation, Chalon d'Or Award.

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