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Andrzej Kalina

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Andrzej Kalina

Andrzej Kalina was a Polish artist and sculptor who lived from 1954 to 2005. He was known for his controversial artwork that violently and poetically commented on religious and political topics. Many of his works are located in the Museum of modern Art in Kraków, Poland, while others have been exhibited in international galleries throughout Europe. His most famous works include the bronze statue 'Fracture', a commentary on the fall of communism in Hungary, as well as 'The Virgin', which was a representation of the Virgin Mary with a weapon in her hands. Other notable works include 'The Crucified Man' which was a commentary on the suffering of war and violence, as well as 'Stubbornness', a sculpture of a man with a half-mask in his left hand and a flower in his right. Kalina's art sought to convey his complex inner landscape and his reflections on social and political issues.

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