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Andrzej Pagowski

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Andrzej Pagowski

Andrzej Pagowski is a renowned Polish artist and graphic designer. His career spans across four decades and his works have been embedded in the visual culture of many countries. Often referred to as the father of Polish graphic design, Pagowski has created some of the most iconic Polish works of the 20th century. His works include political posters, album covers, magazine illustrations, posters for films, and a notable visual identity for Solidarity. He is also known for his covers for international magazines including Vogue and Time, and his illustrations for renowned authors like Günter Grass or Stanisław Lem. Andrzej Pagowski has also been recognized with numerous awards, including the Gold Medal of Merit awarded by the President of Poland and the Secretary of State distinction.

Polish art, Andrzej Pagowski, artist, graphic designer, Solidarity, Vogue, Time, Günter Grass, Stanisław Lem.

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