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Auguste Rosalie Bisson

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Auguste Rosalie Bisson

Auguste Rosalie Bisson was a famous French artist who lived from 1811 to 1876. He was known for his romantic and highly detailed landscape paintings that depicted the natural beauty of the French countryside. In 1838, he debuted at the Paris Salon with his painting “View of the Château of Chantilly” and won the admiration of many art critics. He went on to become one of the most renowned French landscape painters of his time, creating numerous works of art such as “The River Rhône at Lyons”, “View of the Valley of the Seine at Poissy” and “View of the Banks of the Loire near Blois”. He was deeply inspired by the works of John Constable and J.M.W. Turner and often returned to the same locations to capture the changing seasons in his work. His unique style of painting has been described as “a fusion of classical landscape painting and the romanticism of the 19th century”.

Auguste Rosalie Bisson, French artist, landscape painting, romanticism, 19th century.

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