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Almir Mavignier

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Almir Mavignier

Almir Mavignier is considered a pioneering figure in Brazilian modern art and is best known for his works of Op Art and Geometric Abstraction. He has produced more than 5,000 works since his professional debut in 1945. His works often contain a combination of geometric shapes, symbols, and colors, as well as a commentary on the nature of abstract art. He has also developed unique techniques to achieve his desired results, such as his use of airbrushing, spray painting, collage, and tracing paper. His works have been exhibited in Europe and North America, as well as in Brazil and Latin America. Along with his paintings, Mavignier has also produced a number of drawings, photographs, and sculptures. Some of his most renowned works include Concreta-2 - Mavignier in Up and Down Movements, Contraponto, and Biomorfologia.

Almir Mavignier, Brazilian artist, Op Art, geometric abstraction, abstract art, airbrushing.

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