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Anna Letycia Quadros

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Anna Letycia Quadros

Anna Letycia Quadros is one of Brazil's most renowned artists and is best known for her vibrant, abstract style. Quadros was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1776 and worked in oil and mixed media throughout her career. She was a pioneer of abstract art and favored soft, muted colors and shapes to convey her message. Her works often incorporate nature and focus heavily on the Brazilian environment and its people. Quadros was also dedicated to painting and sculpting the history of Brazil, its culture and its people. Anna Letycia Quadros' works are on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio, the Belo Horizonte Museum of Art, and the São Paulo Museum of Art. Some of her most celebrated works include The Bridge, Rio Grande do Sul, and Dance of the Spirits.

Anna Letycia Quadros, Brazilian artist, abstract, oil painting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, museum.

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