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Aurino Valenca Lins Darel

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Aurino Valenca Lins Darel

Aurino Valenca Lins Darel is a renowned Brazilian artist, who has become known for his distinct and colorful style of painting. He is best known for his abstract works, where he merges modern and traditional elements to create a unique visual language. His works blend surrealism, cubism and impressionism to create a vibrant, dynamic aesthetic. He has exhibited his work widely throughout Brazil, including at the Sao Paulo Biennial, and abroad, most recently in the 57th Venice Biennale. Notable works include the series 'Vivências Ofuscadas', which depicts the struggle for freedom of thought, and the 'Mosaico da Vida', an exploration of the human condition.

Aurino Valenca Lins Darel, Brazilian artist, abstract painting, surrealism, cubism, impressionism.

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