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Antonio Ruiz

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Antonio Ruiz

Antonio Ruiz (1897-1964) is one of the most influential Mexican artists of the 20th century. His art is known for its incorporation of pre-Colombian and Spanish influences and its focus on the people and culture of Mexico. Ruiz was born in Taxco, in the state of Guerrero, and he grew up in Mexico City. His career began with traditional portraits and landscapes and he soon moved on to more experimental art forms. His most notable works include several murals in public spaces such as the National Palace of Mexico City and the National Center for the Arts, as well as the decorations for the Department of Fine Arts of the National University of Mexico. He was also the founder of the Academy of Mexican Modern Arts, the first school of modern art in Mexico. Ruiz's art captures the essence of Mexican culture, blending both its modern and ancient influences.

Antonio Ruiz, Mexican Artist, 20th Century, Pre-Columbian, Spanish influences, National Palace, National Center for the Arts, Department of Fine Arts, National University of Mexico, Academy of Mexican Modern Arts.

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