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Antonio Reynoso

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Antonio Reynoso

Antonio Reynoso is one of Mexico’s most renowned artists of the late 20th century. His work blends the traditional with modern, often incorporating indigenous iconography, symbolism, and narratives within contemporary contexts. A celebratory figure in the Mexican art scene, many recognize Reynoso for his unique ability to capture the vibrancy and emotive richness of his homeland. His oeuvre includes prints, drawings, paintings, and installations. One particularly notable piece is the mural El Nacimiento del Sol, painted in 1993 in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Other important works include the mural El Amanecer de la Justicia, the series of prints entitled La Simiente de los Mayas, and the painting El Perdon de los Pecadores.

Antonio Reynoso, contemporary art, Mexico, mural, prints, paintings.

Mei Wang

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