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Alfred Karl Zlevor

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Alfred Karl Zlevor

Alfred Karl Zlevor was an Austrian artist known for his expressionistic and abstracted paintings. He was born in Vienna in 1910 and studied painting at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Zlevor's early works show the influence of cubism, but his later works have a more expressionistic feel, with bright colors and vivid brushstrokes. His paintings often feature abstracted figures and landscapes that suggest dream-like imagery. Some of his most famous works include “Woman With a Hat” (1945), “The Gate of Dreams” (1951), “Bridge of Life” (1953), and “Self-Portrait” (1958). His work has been widely exhibited in Europe and the United States, and is part of many public and private collections around the world.

Alfred Karl Zlevor, Austrian artist, Vienna, expressionism, abstraction, cubism.

Mei Wang

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