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Augustin Tschinkel

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Augustin Tschinkel

Augustin Tschinkel was a renowned Czech Artist, best known for his distinctively colorful artworks. He was born in 1867 and from an early age exhibited a strong interest in painting. His studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague provided the foundation for his creative works. Tschinkel's works, characterized by their strong lines, bold colors, and vivid details, had a heavy influence on the world of European art. He was particularly known for his landscape paintings, which featured stunning depictions of the Bohemian countryside. Many of his works also featured a variety of other subject matters, such as still life, floral scenes and portraiture. Notable works by Augustin Tschinkel include Last Light, The Bohemian Village, Bluebells and The Black Brook.

Augustin Tschinkel, Czech artist, painter, Bohemia, landscape, still life, floral scenes, portraiture.

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