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Albert Angus Turbayne

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Albert Angus Turbayne

Albert Angus Turbayne was an American artist best known for his landscape paintings, especially of New England. Born in 1842, he studied at the National Academy of Design in New York City and later went on to teach at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Cooper Union in NYC. He was deeply inspired by the Romantic movement and his artworks often depit the beauty of nature in America. He developed a distinctive style of painting that is known for its soft, muted colors, delicate textures, and harmonious composition. Some of his most celebrated works include ‘The Pink Lady’, ‘Pawling at the Wharf’, ‘A Shelter from the Storm’, and ‘The Oxen in the Woods’. His artworks are held in numerous museums and private collections around the world.

Albert Angus Turbayne, American Artist, Landscape Painting, Romantic Movement, National Academy of Design.

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