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Aaron Curry

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Aaron Curry

Aaron Curry is an American artist who is known for his boldly-colored sculptures, paintings, and collages. He gained acclaim in the late 2000s for his post-pop art style and his exploration of everyday objects. Among some of his most notable works are his fractured and mashed up sculptures made from modernist furniture and consumer products, such as Hoff-Landsberg (2008), and Fountain (2015). His paintings and collages often feature bright colors, flat surfaces, and minimalistic abstractions. His best known works include Marmite (2008) and The Fall (2012). He has also collaborated with major museums and galleries, like the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Tate Modern, and the Guggenheim.

Aaron Curry, American artist, post-pop art, sculpture, painting, collage, fractured, mashed up, modernist furniture, consumer products, bright colors, flat surfaces, minimalistic abstractions, Marmite, The Fall, MoMA, Tate Modern, Guggenheim.

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