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Anya Phillips

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Anya Phillips

Anya Phillips (1932-1974) was a prominent American artist of the modern era, who was known best for her abstract works of art. Her style was characterized by an innovative and daring use of color and shape, which she often combined with themes inspired by mythology and folk tradition. Phillips was born in Louisiana, where she studied painting and sculpture at the University of Louisiana. Her first solo exhibition took place in 1957 in New Orleans, and by the mid-1960s she had achieved national prominence with her works in galleries and exhibitions around the United States. Some of her most significant works include ‘The Flaming City’, ‘The Warriors’, ‘The Labyrinth’ and ‘The Figure of the Earth’. Anya Phillips' work can be found in numerous permanent collections around the world including the Seattle Art Museum and the Brooklyn Museum.

Anya Phillips, American artist, abstract art, painter, sculptor, Louisiana, New Orleans, Seattle Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum.

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