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Adolfo Natalini

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Adolfo Natalini

Adolfo Natalini, born in 1941 in Florence, Italy, is a celebrated Italian architect and artist. He is best known for his participation in the Florentine Superstudio, an architectural collective he co-founded in 1966. He is also recognized for his early experiments in radical architecture, including his work on the Modulo Casa and the Giraffe House projects. In the 1970s, Natalini began to combine his architectural studies and artistic practice in order to produce sculptural objects and installations. Working in the radically different media, he created avant-garde works that have become iconic in the history of contemporary Italian art. His later works have a strong political tinge, including his series of installations “The Unknown Political Prisoner” and “The Political Burial”. Today, Adolfo Natalini is a highly respected figure in the world of contemporary Italian art.

Adolfo Natalini, Italian artist, Florence, Superstudio, Modulo Casa, Giraffe House, political art.

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