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Antonio Macchi Cassia

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Antonio Macchi Cassia

Antonio Macchi Cassia (1924-2000) was an Italian artist born in Livorno, Italy. He studied at the La Spezia High School of Art and then went on to complete a diploma in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence in 1948. During his long career, Macchi Cassia was primarily known as a talent landscape painter, though he also worked in the genres of still life, oil painting, and frescoes. Macchi Cassia had several solo exhibitions that showcased his skills and spread his fame throughout the country. He also took part in prestigious salons and exhibitions where his works were greatly appreciated, such as Mostra dei Paesaggi, Mostra della Scuola di Pittura and Mostra Nazionale d'Arte Contemporanea. His most acclaimed works include The Sailing Ships, Tuscany Landscape, Red Roofs and The Old Tower.

Italian art, painter, Macchi Cassia, landscape, fresco, still life.

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