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Andrew Lord

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Andrew Lord

Andrew Lord, a famous British artist, is renowned for his distinctive style of hyper-realistic oil painting, particularly his series of pastel colored still lifes. His works often feature everyday objects and scenarios, often with a subtle hint of nostalgia and melancholy. His largest works have been shown in some of the most prestigious galleries in the world, from the Tate in London to the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. His most celebrated works include Oblivion, a triptych depicting a summer day in a small rural town; Fireworks, a nocturnal landscape of the Welsh coast; and The Dance Hall of Memory, a fragmented series of memories depicting a forgotten season. Andrew Lord's oeuvre is an important part of the art world, and will be celebrated for many years to come.

Andrew Lord, British artist, oil painting, hyper-realism, still lifes, Tate, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Oblivion, Fireworks, The Dance Hall of Memory.

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