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Autographic is a term used to refer to a type of writing or signature that is written by hand, with the author's own handwriting. This type of writing can be seen most often in artwork, letters, documents, and other materials that may require an official signature. Across many cultures and languages, this type of writing has been used for centuries and is considered a form of art in and of itself.

Equivalent words for Autographic in other languages include “Manuscript” (French, German, Spanish), “Handwritten” (Japanese, Chinese), “Calligraphic” (Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew), “Graphology” (Latin, Portuguese), “Doodles” (Hindi, Bengali, Urdu),

Harris Awan


Autographic is a compound word consisting of two Greek roots auto, meaning ‘self’, and graph, meaning ‘writing’ and therefore denotes ‘writing something by oneself’. Synonyms for autographic include self-written, handwritten and self-constructed, whereas antonyms for the word include printed, typed and dictated. Cognates of autographic are the Spanish autografiado, French autographe and Italian autografico. Variants of the word include autographically and autograph.

Morphology, phonology, etymology, semantic, historical.

George Adrian Postea


Autographic is a term that has evolved over time. It has both a linguistic and historical evolution. Linguistically, it is a portmanteau of two words - auto and graph. Auto comes from the Greek word autós, meaning self, while graph comes from the Greek graphein, meaning to write. Autographic therefore means “self-written” or “self-recorded”. Morphologically, the word is composed of two morphemes, auto- and -graph, both of which have different definitions. Auto- is a prefix that, according to the Oxford English dictionary, means “of oneself”, while -graph is a suffix meaning “an instrument or device for recording”. In terms of pragmatics, the word autographic is used to describe self-recorded texts, images, audio recordings, and other sources that are created by a person.

Etymology, Morphology, Autographic, Self-written, Pragmatics

Henry Fontaine


Autographic is the pseudonym of a famous artist and creative whose vision has had a major impact on the field of graphic design. His work has been featured across multiple mediums, including posters, album covers, magazines, and newspapers. Autographic's style is known for its experimental use of color and playful typography, blurring the boundaries between design and fine art. He has produced a number of celebrated works over the course of his career, including the iconic Samurai magazine cover, the logo for Nike's Air Max range, and the poster for the 2019 Venice Biennale.

Graphic design, art, aesthetics, visual communication.

Olga Ivanova

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