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Alice Hutchins

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Alice Hutchins

Alice Hutchins is an American artist best known for her bright surrealistic paintings. She is a master of vibrant color, often juxtaposing hues in unexpected ways to create dynamic works with an enviable dreamlike quality. Her most celebrated pieces include 'The Storm' (1975), where she depicted a turbulent sea of tumultuous color and 'The Flat Mountain' (1977), a canvas of fresh and innocent pastels in which she explores the potential of minimalism. Alice Hutchins has also curated a number of exhibitions, including the renowned 'Summer of Dreams' exhibit at the MoMA in New York City in 1982, which she was invited to curate and showcase her own works. Her works are in many prestigious art collections around the world.

Alice Hutchins, American artist, fine art, surrealism, color, painting, MoMA, exhibition, curation.

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