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Alfred Bernard Stein

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Alfred Bernard Stein

Alfred Bernard Stein was a German artist who rose to prominence in the late 19th century. He started painting at a young age and quickly developed an interest in landscapes and cityscapes. Stein is well-known for his series of paintings depicting Paris, and some of his most celebrated works include 'Paris at Night', 'The Notre-Dame de Lorette', 'The Dome of the Invalides' and 'The Quai de Bourbon'. He often utilized deep, vibrant colors and had a knack for capturing the atmosphere of the cities he depicted. Stein was also a part of the Free Academy of Arts in Berlin and even wrote a book on the subject of painting. He passed away in 1928, leaving behind a legacy of artwork that still endures to this day.

Alfred Bernard Stein, German artist, 19th century, Paris, painting, Free Academy of Arts Berlin, Quai de Bourbon.

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