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Alfred Willimann

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Alfred Willimann

Alfred Willimann (1878-1915) was a Swiss artist who made a significant impact in the art world of the early 20th century. His career spanned several decades and he was well known for his paintings, drawings, and sculpture. He was especially noted for his expressive portraits, which often depicted themes of personal identity, love, and mortality. Willimann was an important participant in the Dadaist and Expressionist movements, which shaped the direction of European art for years to come. Willimann’s most famous works include Portrait of a Clown (1908), Study of a Nude (1913), and Portrait of a Woman in a Chair (1914). He was also a prolific illustrator and his drawings were published in newspapers and magazines throughout the world. Alfred Willimann’s art continues to be admired and celebrated to this day.

Alfred Willimann, Swiss artist, Dadaism, Expressionism, portraiture.

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