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Ant Farm

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Ant Farm

Ant Farm was a collective of artists and architects that formed in San Francisco in 1968 and quickly rose to fame in the art world. The group consisted of Chip Lord, Doug Michels, and Curtis Schreier. The members of Ant Farm believed that art should be a form of personal expression and sought to challenge the status quo of traditional art forms. They created performance art, earthworks, kinetic sculptures and architectural works. One of their most famous pieces was Media Burn, an event in which they drove a Cadillac full of television sets through a wall of burning televisions. Other famous works by Ant Farm include Cadillac Ranch, an outdoor sculpture of vintage Cadillacs, and House of the Century, an experimental living space with modulated walls, floors and ceilings.

Ant Farm, American Artist, Performance Art, Earthworks, Kinetic Sculpture.

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