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Arthur Emil Bofinger

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Arthur Emil Bofinger

Arthur Emil Bofinger (1872–1957) was a Swiss artist known for his stylized landscapes and still-life paintings. He was born in Basel and received his artistic training there before completing his studies in Paris. He was primarily a figure and landscape painter, who was deeply inspired by the works of the great masters such as Rembrandt and Renoir. His works are characterized by a bright and luminous atmosphere, giving the impression of joy and serenity. He often employed a complex use of color, featuring shades of blues, yellows and greens in an almost abstract way. His most famous works include The Singer (1918), The Reception (1920) and The Garden (1939). Bofinger was an important figure in the development of Swiss painting in the early 20th century and a leader in the use of bold, modernistic techniques. His work continues to be appreciated to this day as an interesting and innovative example of Swiss painting.

Arthur Emil Bofinger, Swiss painter, Basel, Expressionism, modernistic technique.

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