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Astrid Sampe

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Astrid Sampe

Astrid Sampe is one of the foremost 20th century Swedish artists, beloved for her distinctive paintings and sculptures featuring vivid colors and a playful aesthetic. Born in Malmo, Sweden in 1940, Sampe received recognition early in her career, with solo exhibitions at the Westmann Gallery in Gothenburg in 1966 and the Stockholm Gallery in 1968. Her work has been exhibited in many other prestigious galleries around the world, including the National Museum of Art in Tokyo and The National Gallery of Canada. Sampe’s works often combine elements of abstraction, surrealism and minimalism, often creating an atmosphere of mystery and dynamism. Among her most famous works are the painting “Sailing Ship” (1970), the mixed media assemblage “The White Room” (1980) and the sculpture “Cycle of Life” (2001).

Astrid Sampe, Swedish artist, surrealism, minimalism, abstraction, mixed media.

Mei Wang

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