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Anders Osterlin

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Anders Osterlin

Anders Osterlin was a prominent Swedish artist, known for his impressionist paintings and watercolors. He was born in Gothenburg in 1908, studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm, and held his first solo exhibition in Gothenburg in 1932. Over the course of his career, Osterlin worked with many of the most influential institutions of the Swedish art world, including the Modern Museum in Stockholm, the Gothenburg Art Society, and the Swedish National Gallery. He also participated in major exhibitions throughout Europe, including the Venice Biennale. His works often focus on landscapes, nature, and people, and feature bright and vibrant colors. Among his most notable paintings are “Fruits from the Island of Gotland”, “July Morning in a Small Town”, and “The Light of Gothenburg”.

Impressionism, Sweden, landscape painting.

Mei Wang

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