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Arthur Fauser

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Arthur Fauser

Arthur Fauser is widely regarded as one of the most influential German artists of the 20th century. Born in 1898 in an affluent family of art collectors, Fauser was exposed to a wealth of painting and sculpture from a young age and was encouraged by his family to pursue a career in the arts. He studied at the University of Munich but eventually moved to the city of Dresden, where he became a professor at the famous Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. Fauser's work encompassed a range of styles, from Post-Impressionism to Dadaism. He is best known for his expressive abstract landscapes, most notably 'The Green Sea' from 1935 and 'Sea of Tranquility' from 1937, two of his most celebrated works. Fauser's artwork was exhibited in major galleries and museums across Germany, and he was the recipient of numerous awards during his lifetime.

German art, Dresden Academy, expressionism, landscape painting, abstract art.

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