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Anna Gaskell

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Anna Gaskell

Anna Gaskell is an American artist who has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Her work has been included in the collections of renowned institutions including the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Guggenheim Museum. Gaskell is best known for her photography, but she also works in a variety of media including video, sculpture, installation, and performance. Her art often each combines documentary and fictional elements, exploring moments that are both intimate and universal. She has also been a visiting artist and lecturer at universities including the University of California, Los Angeles and Harvard University. Anna Gaskell's most renowned works include 'Pale Fire' (2009) an intricately staged photographic series exposing the ways communities are fragmented and in conflict; 'At Night' (2005), a cinematic video exploring themes of memory, family, and identity; and 'The Farm' (2003), an immersive audio-visual installation of a simulated universe.

Anna Gaskell, American Artist, Photography, Video, Installation, Performance.

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