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Allowance can refer to various concepts depending on the context in which it is used. In general, it can be defined as an amount of something that is given or allotted for a specific purpose. This can include a monetary allowance given to children by their parents, an engineering allowance for tolerances in measurements, or an allowance for contingencies in a project budget. One important aspect of allowance is that it is often predetermined and allocated in advance. This means that it is set aside or budgeted for a specific purpose, and is not meant to be exceeded without good reason. For example, a child may be given a weekly allowance of $10, which they are expected to use for their personal expenses. Similarly, an engineering allowance may be set at a specific value based on the expected variations in measurements, and a project budget may include a contingency allowance to cover unexpected costs. Another important aspect of allowance is that it can be used to teach responsibility and accountability. For example, a child who is given a weekly allowance may be expected to manage their money wisely and make decisions about how to spend it. Similarly, an engineer who is responsible for designing a component may need to take into account the allowable tolerances and ensure that the component will function properly within those limits. In both cases, the concept of allowance can help to foster a sense of responsibility and accountability. Overall, allowance is a concept that can be applied in many different contexts, but generally refers to a predetermined amount of something that is given or allotted for a specific purpose. Whether it is a monetary allowance, an engineering allowance, or an allowance for contingencies in a project budget, the key aspects of allowance include being predetermined and allocated in advance, and being used to teach responsibility and accountability.

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Allowance in the context of architecture generally refers to a predetermined, allocated amount of time, labor, or money that is included in the initial budget of a project. It is the amount of time or monetary value that has been predetermined in the budget to cover any contingencies that may arise during the execution of a project. This allowance is meant to cover any additional materials, labor, or time that may be needed to complete the project. For example, if the budget of a project is increased due to an unforeseen circumstance, then the allowance for that project is used to cover the additional costs.

Time, Labor, Money, Contingency, Budget.

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Masonry allowance is a term used in architecture to denote a particular amount of space given for the expansion of masonry joints. It is a term that signifies the amount of space allocated for a particular job that needs to be filled with masonry material. The allowance is measured in millimeters and can vary depending on the type of masonry material used and the design of the structure. The allowance also applies to the width and depth of the masonry joints, to ensure that the joints are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Allowance also applies to the amount of mortar required for the masonry joints, as it is essential to ensure that the mortar is of the right consistency and strength to ensure the strength and durability of the joint.

Joints, Mortar, Expansion, Aesthetics, Structural Integrity.

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The word allowance has a long and fascinating evolution throughout the history of the English language. Its earliest recorded forms were of Old English origins, such as alwes, meaning always, and alefnesse, meaning permission. Its emergence as a noun, however, began in the 14th Century with the Middle English expression alowance, meaning permission, grant, license. This usage gradually evolved into the modern verbal sense of to grant by legal or proper authority, and by the 16th Century, allowance had become a noun referring to the grant or permission itself.

Morphologically, the word allowance is a fused form of the prefix al-, meaning all, and the suffix -ance derived from the Latin verb anscere, meaning to furnish or provide, which, when combined together, gave the concept of an all-

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Allowance is a noun, derived from the Middle English word allowaunce which means permission, allowance, or acceptance. The word can be defined as an amount of money that is given or allotted usually at regular intervals to meet specific needs or goals. Synonyms for allowance include permission, authorization, license, dispensation, permission, and privilege. Antonyms include prohibition, veto, ban, disallowance, and rejection. Cognates include allowance, alance, erlaubnis, permissão, and autorisation. Variants of the word allowance can include allowence, allowence, allowens, and allowens.

Etymological roots, associated forms, derivations, morphological structures, related terms, semantic relations, word-formation processes, linguistic family, historical development, synchronic-diachronic change, semantic acquisition.

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Allowance is an engineering term for the tolerance of a difference between expected measurements and actual measurements. This difference is usually taken into consideration in order to account for unavoidable variations due to environmental and other factors. Allowance also often refers to the process of examining models or components for flaws or mistakes before they are sent out for manufacturing. For example, the work of engineers such as Joseph M. Juran and W. Edwards Deming have focused on improving the inspection process of products to ensure that no mistakes are detected when the product is released for sale.

Allowance, Tolerance, Quality Control, Variation.

Ahmad Al-Khatib

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