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Axiomatic Design

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Axiomatic Design

Axiomatic Design is a systematic approach to product development and design optimization. It is based on the principles of decomposition, independence, and hierarchy. This approach uses mathematical equations to develop a design model that can be used to optimize the design process. Axiomatic Design is used to optimize the design process by reducing complexity, improving reliability, and increasing the efficiency of the design process. The approach also helps to reduce manufacturing costs, improve product quality, and reduce time-to-market.

Axiomatic Design, Product Development, Design Optimization, Design Model, Design Process.

Michael Brunner

Axiomatic Design

Axiomatic Design is an approach to product design and engineering developed by famous artist Dr. Nam P. Suh. This approach is focused on making the most efficient use of resources available. Axiomatic Design is based on a set of four fundamental principles: decomposition of a system into components, decoupling of functions, design process optimization, and synthesis of optimal solutions. These principles help designers achieve the optimal balance between cost, complexity, and performance. The approach advocates for a more systematic approach to product design, improving both creativity and innovation.

Axiomatic Design, Suh Nam P, Product Design, Design Optimization, Engineering, System Decomposition, Function Decoupling.

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