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Alfred Jensen

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Alfred Jensen

Alfred Jensen (1903-1981) was an American artist of Danish origin. He was a prolific painter and printmaker whose early works were inspired by Danish folk art and Cubism. His later works, focusing on complex grids and color relationships, were based on mathematical and scientific principles. Jensen was a central figure in the development of Op and Kinetic art in the 1950s, and his work earned him the grand prize at the 1956 Bienal de São Paulo. Important works by Jensen include his 1955 installation at the Martha Jackson Gallery, “Tableau: The Chinese Series”, and his famous 101 Paintings for Edgar Allen Poe, completed in 1975. Jensen's works are held in prominent collections around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate Gallery in London.

Alfred Jensen, American artist, Danish descent, Abstract painting, Op art, Kinetic art, Tableau: The Chinese Series, 101 Paintings for Edgar Allen Poe, MoMA, Tate Gallery.

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