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Accessible Web Design

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Accessible Web Design

Accessible Web Design is an approach to website and app design that aims to create a user experience that is usable and comprehensible by as many people as possible. This approach values the requirements of people with disabilities, and integrates design principles such as keyboard and voice control into the design process. Famous Accessible Web Design artist, Ethan Marcotte, is best known for his works on Responsive Web Design and Adaptive Web Design. In 2010, Marcotte released his book on Responsive Web Design, which later gained a wide audience and became the go-to book on designing multi-device web experiences. His other important works include designing an accessible version of the A List Apart website and working as an accessibility consultant on a range of projects.

Accessible, web, design, usability, disability, Ethan Marcotte, A List Apart, Responsive Web Design, Adaptive Web Design.

Olga Ivanova

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