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Antonio Dispigna

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Antonio Dispigna

Antonio Dispigna was an Italian artist and sculptor active in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He was best known for his figurative sculptures carved from wood, marble and alabaster. During his lifetime, he created works for churches and private residences throughout Italy. His best-known works include the bronze statue The Baptism of Christ in the Duomo di Pisa, the marble equestrian statue of St. R. Calcagnini in Modena, the bronze fountain at the church of San Francesco in Cortona, and the bronze bust of poet Giuseppe Giusti in Montepulciano. Dispigna was a master of the Neo-Classical style, and his works can be found in several important Italian collections.

Antonio Dispigna, Italian artist, sculptor, Neo-Classical style, figurative sculpture, bronze statue, marble equestrian statue, bronze fountain, bronze bust.

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