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Akesuk Tudlik

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Akesuk Tudlik

Akesuk Tudlik, a renowned Canadian Inuit artist, was born in the North Baffin region of Nunavut in the early 1950s, a region where he continues to live and work. His early works were largely comprised of soapstone carvings, often depicting animals and spirits. He is best known for his acclaimed pieces, titled I Am, which is a three-dimensional sculpture of a white Inukshuk. Tudlik has been praised for his elegant and minimalist approach to his works, drawing on traditional Inuit culture and history. In addition, he is credited with helping to shift the way Inuit art is perceived, from a craft to a fine art.

Akesuk Tudlik, Canadian, Inuit, Artist, Sculpture, I Am, Inukshuk, Soapstone, Carving, Culture, Fine Art.

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