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Alessandro Poli

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Alessandro Poli

Alessandro Poli is a renowned Italian painter who was born in 1737 in Mantua. He was a pupil of Giulio Romano and he lived most of his life in Rome. His best-known works are the frescoes of the Chapel of Santa Caterina with the monochrome backgrounds and the frescoes of the Gallery in the Palazzo Farnese of Caprarola. He also produced a large number of religious subjects for a variety of clients. Poli was a highly regarded neoclassical artist who was particularly well known for his mastery in the techniques of fresco painting. His compositions are generally characterized by their accuracy and grandeur. He also created a number of genre paintings and some landscapes. Poli died in Rome in 1806.

Alessandro Poli, Italian Artist, Fresco, Rome, Baroque, Neoclassicism.

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